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  • Qi HaoShi costus camphorwood combination living room sofa covered 8 times

  • Name:Carve patterns or designs on woodwork recliner sofa (four people)
  • Model:DT304
  • Size:2620*1850*600mm
  • Material:Camphorwood
  • Craft:The traditional process, mortise and tenon joint structure
  • Colors:sandal wood
  • Function:
  •   Camphor camphor wood, lauraceae plants Cinnamomum camphora (l.) Presl wood. Evergreen trees, plants with aroma. Camphor wood into big camphor leaves, lobular camphor.
      Zhang, camphor wood and black are evergreen trees, only distributed in the south of the Yangtze river and the southwest. The whole tree has aroma, wooden fine, delicate texture, fine decorative pattern. Tough and soft, not easy break, also is not easy to crack. Camphorwood is our country products, one of the rare tree species growth is slow, generally need 20 years to become useful, is a rare fine wood.
      Camphor wood is rich in volatile oils, have the strong special aroma, is one of the high quality perfume extract the source. Camphor wood furniture and decorations in the bedroom, send out a room full of faint scent, travel.like pleasant smell in the air, make the person breathe, calm the god. At the same time, this kind has the unique smell of camphor tree and practical function. It can drive bug mouldproof, to prevent corrosion. Since the ancient times is making wardrobe, box of the best materials. Especially through the fine vulture thin chisel of skillful craftsman, the modelling of primitive simplicity, the beauty is generous. In camphorwood furniture for clothes and calligraphy and painting, items not only living insects not moldy, and smell fragrant. When the stored items taken with natural and quietly elegant fragrance, fragrant lasting refreshing.



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