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  • Camphor wood and camphor makes no difference? What is the difference between the two
    Add Time:2016.09.05    Hits:1715
    Camphor wood is a kind of camphor tree, divided into large lobes and lobules camphor camphor, aromatic, evergreen, can make furniture and ornaments placed inside the bedroom, both beautiful and practical, and the collection value. Camphorwood will send out a special aroma, belongs to the evergreen trees, has a good medicinal value. At the same time, camphorwood furniture and excellent wood carving materials. Camphor wood and wood so similar, exactly how to distinguish?
    What is the difference between the camphor wood and wood - look different
    Camphor wood appearance usually cyan, red bark is yellow-brown, have full-bodied fragrance, some camphor wood furniture in the picture can show its characteristics, camphor wood tree has many irregular longitudinal cracks. In addition, camphor wood blade to ovate, according to different varieties of trees, the leaves have lobules and big leaves two forms, the bottom of the blade for celadon. No flowers, camphor its fruit purple, berry shape.
    Camphorwood appearance is usually yellow green, tree also has irregular shape of longitudinal crack, will send out a strong camphor aroma, spicy taste, but not as rich smell of camphor wood. When the fruit is not mature for cyan, mature violet black berry globose.
    What is the difference between the camphor wood and wood - different material performance
    Performance rich camphor wood timber. Because camphor wood itself contains volatile oil, aromatic taste so special with rich aroma, or will be made into furniture camphor wood wood carving decoration to decorate household, can let a bedroom is sending out a room fragrance, refreshing. At the same time, because contain camphor compositions in the aroma, so there is quite a done on insect-resistant moth-proofing function. Carefully carved camphor wood furniture is simple and easy processing, also has the very strong practicability, insect-resistant eat by moth, able to make contact with the fragrance. And camphor wood woodiness is very close, tree and aspects of wood grain is exquisite, fine decorative pattern. Of camphor wood to abnormal tenacity and gentle is not heavy, is not easily broken when processing, or cracks, and don't fit into the furniture.
    Camphorwood wood into pieces and sizes, and its surface is red brown to dark brown shades. In addition, camphorwood does not like camphor deft, on the contrary, camphorwood quality is very heavy, and the wood is hard. In addition, camphorwood not hardy, hygrophilous, when transplanting must especially pay attention to the quality control on the growth environment. Moreover, camphorwood tree is huge, very longevity, for pollution control, water conservation, beautify the environment, prevent sand-fixation are very effective. Camphorwood, many have pharmic effect and chemicals so in medicine have many USES.
    What is the difference between the camphor wood and wood - use on different
    Camphor wood and camphorwood, roughly, nothing in particular, the difference, therefore, the use of both basic same, but there are still on. Contain rich good to smell the smell of camphor wood, people would normally be used for refining production of spices. In addition, people would put camphor wood as wood furniture, made into a variety of furniture, for example as a custom wardrobe materials. Camphor wood furniture made of long service life and insect-resistant moth-proofing, practical performance is very good, and yet beautiful.
    Camphorwood has been widely applied in medicine, distillation extract natural camphor has good effect of insect-resistant eat by moth, but careless use will cause poisoning hazards. In addition, camphorwood substance extracted analgesia, xiaoshi, for the treatment of rheumatism, cholera and so on also has a good effect. Camphorwood has also been applied to root carving, folk often use ZhangMuGen carved Buddha and other small ornaments.
    In general, or camphorwood under a camphor wood, the two do not overly obvious difference, it is not easy to distinguish so, we need to distinguish between or give priority to with wood plank of true and false, and advantages and disadvantages. Is also the most obvious difference about color and odor. So, if you really have to distinguish between the need of camphor wood and wood, the above three ways to distinguish method is good.
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