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  • The 9th China (Beijing) international cultural creative industry expo
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    The 9th China (Beijing) international cultural creative industry expo
    On December 11, 2014 - December 14 exhibition held in Beijing international cultural creativity industry exposition. Led by the jiangxi province cultural department name and recommend our company to participate in the exposition, we actively response and preparation, production company VCR propaganda film, printing a lot of publicity brochures, page and booked two booth, our best camphorwood series products, the most beautiful image to Beijing, let the world know zhangshu is a city named after zhang and is rich in lobule. Know we do camphor wood products, we are more professional! Because we are actively preparing, fostering seriously exhibition, our products are on the second day of the exhibition has been sold out, need to express, air transport products, meet the needs of customers; Many consumers are very trust us, in the form of first pay the payment after cargo, in order to meet the demand. In this exhibition, we high-quality products (traditional mortise structure combined with modern philosophy), camphor wood characteristics (insecticide, moth-proofing, refreshing, refreshing, analgesia, etc.), enterprise culture (DE guang, poised) all over the world, won the praise of domestic and foreign customers and orders, and for our old in jiangxi province won the reputation! With our original ecological, green health products, embodies the beautiful plain old people's quality and ecological environment.

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