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  •   Zhangshu detai wood products co., LTD is located in zhangshu north industrial park, covers an area of 60 mu, building area of nearly twenty thousand square meters. More than 180 employees, including engineers technicians skilled workers accounted for 80%; And has advanced woodworking machinery, computer engraving equipment, is a collection development, design, production, sales, the scale of the enterprise. Company's existing products: file fittings, books equipment, shelves, shelves, filing cabinet, bookcase, ancient ark; Camphorwood furniture, office furniture, wood box, calligraphy and painting box, storage box, chest of drawers, shoe ark, root carving, hangers, small place such as camphor wood products.
      Since its inception, the company led by Mr Chen, chairman of fire insurance, adhere to the "strives for the survival by the quality, with honesty reputation" business purposes, set up perfect management system and advanced enterprise culture, and have a good staff and technical research and development team, has advanced woodworking nc equipment and dust-free paint shop, have a tradition of own core technology and intellectual property rights. In 2004 the company passed GB/T19001-2008 quality management system certification, GB/T24001-2001 environmental management system certification, GB/T28001-2001 occupational health and safety management system certification, national 3 c compulsory certification. In 2014 in jiangxi province forestry enterprises certificate and jiangxi province ganzhou home expo gold medal of the camphor wood box; Keep the contract heavy credit enterprise, credit AAA enterprise, vice President of jiangxi province furniture association unit, China construction bank AAA bank credit enterprise, jiangxi province labor and social security credit grade AAA enterprise. Company is to force to become the central state organs, organs directly under the central government, the national archives library fixed-point procurement units such as camphor wood products supplier.
      Wants his card company produced, feng, qi HaoFeng CARDS, brilliant camphor camphor wood products, such as more and more get the favour of the majority of merchants and consumers at home and abroad, has achieved a certain economic benefits. At present, the company is expanding its market at home and abroad, let more consumers with green environmental protection, pure and fresh and fragrant camphor wood household items.

    Hotline For Free:4000-116-559
    Address:China jiangxi zhangshu north industrial park road no. 6

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