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  • Brand creation time: March 7, 2014
    Brand is introduced: zhangshu detai wood products co., LTD., the company is located in jiangxi zhangshu (Chinese medicine). Our company specializing in the production of camphorwood furniture, camphorwood, camphorwood, camphorwood insecticide mothproof supplies. Existing camphorwood sofa, tea table is camphorwood, camphorwood TV ark, camphor wood table, camphorwood, camphorwood block, camphorwood, camphorwood beads, camphor wood hangers and other wood products. Company support retail and wholesale, processing, OEM processing and other business, vigorously to welcome users taobao merchants wholesale, bulk and other online business. Detai company taobao shop address: http://shop104413369.taobao.com/? SPM = Kq5Q42 detai company is located in convenient transportation, factory existing 60 acres, production personnel 180 people, technical personnel 23 people. The production of raw materials are sourced from jiangxi natural camphor wood. Days, you have a business location, and make camphorwood more perfect product. Detai wood products co., LTD. Of camphorwood insecticide mothproof products are exported to the United States, South Korea, Japan, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places, use the detai camphor wood products with pure and fresh happy person, refreshing, insect repellent mildew etc, because of camphorwood wood grain of primitive simplicity, has the advantages of medicinal properties combination of camphorwood furniture collection by many domestic and foreign merchants, company detai factory has been more than 30 years has been adhering to the quality first, service first, the principle of green environmental protection, through decades of accumulation and development, make detai company in the domestic camphorwood furniture industry leading enterprises. Here to welcome the new old customer to come the electricity, the incoming letter consultation discussion.
    Hotline For Free:4000-116-559
    Address:China jiangxi zhangshu north industrial park road no. 6

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